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What if your IRA had owned Real Estate in Silicon Valley 20 years ago?  Let us show you how to roll over your retirement plan from the volatile stock market into profitable California Real Estate.

Here's what our clients say:

"We recommend ACE to anyone!             
In January 2003, we invested $27,000.
In May 2004, we received $71,000."
- Robert & Nancy May  2004 
"My investment almost tripled in three years....
Find me a bigger parcel for my IRA"
- Bei May  2004
"If any of your potential customers question your ability to provide the best long term investment available today, have them call us"
- Ravi May  2004

Don't wait till you're 65 to find out your retirement program is not working!  Protect your golden years!

For every $1,000 of guaranteed monthly retirement income, you need $400,000 in place upon your retirement!

Thirty years ago, for $25,000 you could have purchased 1 to 3 acres of land in San Jose.  Today, that land would be worth $1,500,000, increasing your investment 60 to 180 times.  Well, those days are over for the Bay Area.  Let us show you how to identify new areas of opportunity within California.

We can help you convert your qualified plan, e.g. IRA, SEP IRA, Simple IRA, Keogh or 401(K) into choice California real estate without penalty or cash and with the same tax benefits.

Time to add real estate to your IRA Time to sell IRA real estate and retire.


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Did You Know? Social Security provides 89% of total American retirement incomes.  An average American retires on less than $1,250 per month. Only 2% of retirees are self-sufficient.

Because: 85 million people and most retirement funds are in the stock market, which over the past 78 years averaged 10% per year. Only 1% of Americans retirement money is in real estate! However, If you wish to receive $5,000 a month of guaranteed income above your Social Security check, you need a nest egg of over $2,000,000.  The overwhelming majority of American millionaires made it in real estate.

No Wonder: The best chance to retire well is to invest your retirement fund in real estate.

Call me today to explore if real estate is the right investment for your needs.


When you invest for retirement, do you consider California real estate? Do you even realize you can invest your IRA in real estate?  Yes! You can rollover your IRA (traditional, SEP, Simple, or Roth), and somequalified 401(K), Solo 401(K) and 403(b), etc. into carefully chosen real estate.  Carefully chosen California real estate is a particularly profitable and safe long-term investment and is most suitable as an alternative to the volatile and under performing stock market. Carefully chosen California real estate, therefore, provides the safety and security that an investor needs for retirement.  What is carefully chosen real estate? It is properties in the growth path of a major metropolitan area. California has about 35 million population, the largest in the U.S., and grows at about 600,000 annually to reach 40 million by 2013. It has a predictable time period for growth based on the demographics of the area and the authoritative projections of population growth. Historically, real estate has produced the best returns among all investment vehicles available to investors.


(925) 458-1825    (925) 383-8833


Interest only programs (for investment real estate)
"Pick a payment" program for future financial security.
Pre-qualify for more buying power.
Cash out for repair, college, down payment on another property.
Equity line of credit (revolving)
Buy your dream house!


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